You KNOW there's more...

You may not know what the next step is but you know there is one - and you're ready.

You've had some life experience and some successes too, but there's a feeling, be it a whisper or a scream, that you want more out of life.  You know deep down that there is another level that you can reach either in business or general fulfillment and happiness with life..

- You just need a some clarity, a road map and guidance.

- You'd love to know what your true Soul Purpose is and how to build a life around it.

- You'd love the confidence that comes with understanding your real potential to create a fulfilling and rewarding life, no matter what stage of life you're at.

- You'd love to learn new tools to clear blocks, raise your vibration, increase belief in yourself and create the mindset to live the life your soul desires.

- You have not yet been able to create the money that you want to live your best life.


- You have healthy financial resources but it's not are missing that deep sense of fulfillment and being 'in love with life'.

- Your soul is calling and deep within you know THIS is too important to ignore - but what do you do?

It's okay, I get it!  I've been there...I have been all over this map, the twists and turns, the peaks of success and the pits of despair...and, ahh...out the other side.  Here, where the water is calm, the air is filled with clarity and the view is beautiful...and right now in my head Diana Ross is singing "Reach out and touch somebody's hand, make this world a better place if you can...! 

If you choose to work with me know that you may cry a bit but we'll definitely laugh too :)

I'm here to help you understand that you are here, in this life right now to give the gift of who you are to the world. 

We are all here to be creative expressions of Divine Consciousness and your Personalised Manifesting Blueprint gives you priceless information about how YOUR SOUL is designed to crate and manifest your highest good into this world.

It's never too late to create the life your soul desires.

Work with Rachel

My promise to you is that working with me will be enlightening, empowering and fun!

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