Client Testimonial

I have had quite a few coaches, but Rachel ... is different from them all.

She has the biggest heart one can imagine, and - to me - she is the embodiment of pure, unconditional love.

Even before I had signed up with her, she supported me in a very challenging situation in a way that would've been inconceivable to other coaches.

Coaching is not just a job to her, but obviously her true nature and purpose. She takes you by the hand, and - with a smile - accompanies you through your biggest fears, challenges and life decisions. With her, they turn into adventures! Possibilities. Options! There are no more "shoulds" and "have tos". Only soul-aligned decisions, that truly bring your heart joy and result in a higher vibration of being you.

I don't know how many friends I have already referred to her, and how often I have told her that I truly wish everybody (including coaches!) could have an angel like her in their lives. The world would be a better place"

Chris B.


Coaching Client

Transformational Coaching

In the four weeks of initially working with Rachel, I went through a journey in which an aspect of my life completely broke down and from the broken pieces the learning, growth and awareness created space for something new to be born. It was magic.

The way that Rachel uses the tools and techniques she has to mould sessions around the support required, creates a lovingly held, calm, and safe space for deep reflection and awareness with grace.

I personally love Rachel’s presence, her calm sincere demeanor, and joy filled loving approach when discussing challenging topics is refreshing and supported me to ground myself in the awareness of my creative power in the challenge being addressed.

Now with a focused, heart centred list of daily choices, I feel grateful for the initial 4 weeks we worked together and super excited to continue the journey with Rachel into 2022 to see what else unfolds.

I would recommend working with Rachel to anyone who had gone through the CYD programme, as well as those who haven’t, to help embed the gold that CYD offers and embody it within daily life.

Nicola C.

United Kingdom

Working with Rachel is an enrichment to my life. She is a warm hearted, wise and fun facilitator who will hold your hand while taking you to the abyss, who will be guiding you, with her soft and calming voice, into jumping and who will be waiting for you with a cup of tea and an encouraging smile when you come out, tattered but empowered. She makes looking into my deepest wounds feel like a field trip with a lot of laughter, some tears, a few band-aids and just the right amount of chocolate cookies to feed my demons with.

In the sessions with her I learned many exciting tools to challenge my perceived realities and now I am able to implement them in my life to feel more and more like it is me who is choosing my own adventure instead of seeing life as a series of random things happening to me and me just being helplessly exposed to those events.

With her I am creating shifts in my perception and in my belief system and little by little, subtle shifts in my physical reality begin to happen. To me, she is like the wise woman waiting for me at the crossroads who has just the right challenge for me to find out what the next step on my heroine's journey is. I am very grateful for Rachel and for all the love she is putting into her wonderful work. I feel honored to be able to work with her.


Artist - Germany

To me, she is like the wise woman waiting for me at the crossroads who has just the right challenge for me...

Thank you Rachel, you helped so much to bring clarity to my life. I can honestly say that I could feel a tangible shift in my energy. From feeling stuck and hopeless, your skills coupled with your inner wisdom helped me to access my own inner wisdom too! Everything that came up for me made complete sense. And, why hadn’t I been able to see things with such clarity before? It’s because you cut through the ‘chatter’ and straight to the important issues. I’ve got a great time ahead of me, I know! Thank you, thank you.
- Natasha H, Supplement Manufacturer, Malibu

Natasha H. Supplement Manufacturer

Rachel, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! This was the catalyst for me launching a project today that I'd been mulling over for quite some time. You brought clarity and confirmation to some things that have been brewing in the abstract for several years, and more specifically as a project in the last month. Today my mindset has shifted 180 degrees and my confidence has been boosted more than a hundred percent. Thank you for your willingness to step into your own power and be the clear channel for the divine guidance that I needed today.

T. J.  ● Business Creator ● Hong Kong

Rachel just did a distance intuitive business reading for me today and it was completely amazing! I am so grateful for this clarity as I am about to uplevel my business and I have been struggling with making the right decisions. I am so grateful for your help.

Raluca Topor Online Entrepreneur

With her intuitive guidance she created complete clarity in what I need to do. She brought enormous peace of mind. Thank you Rachel!

Sasha Brain Health Expert

I LOVE working with Rachel! She always gives me so much clarity on where I am and where I need to be.

Ana Katz Ana Katz Digital

Each week I am raised to a new level of understanding. Rachel's knowledge and information delivery is impressive and just what I was looking for.

Therese California

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