Meet Rachel

My story and how it all comes together to help me help you.

Using my Intuition and Experience to bring Clarity and Insight to fellow Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals and Soul Seekers is my passion.  

As a multi passionate creative soul I've walked many career and business paths and had lots of 'success' and some failures (that's life!).   Throughout my life I've had a fascination with both Business and the Mind and the Soul,  I employed many spiritual principals in both a corporate career and then creating a business of my own.

I created a successful business with no money and no experience in the field I was in.  After building the business for over 5 years I  decided to sell it...I call this whole experience my MBA.

After selling my business I found myself in a place that I didn't know, a place where 20 years of spiritual practices, classes, courses and  books wasn't helping.  I had to go deeper...the gifts that came to me from this experience, all of my work and entrepreneurial background, my natural intuition and my love of people and business has created the tapestry of Experience and Insight that  gives me a unique ability to help my clients gain clarity and and wisdom for their own journey.

What follows is a brief history of who I am and my own search to understand myself, know my purpose and fulfill my potential.  I'm putting it here because when you work with me our sessions are about YOU, not me.  You don't need to read this if you already feel drawn to work with me, just pop over tho the Book with Rachel page now,  I wrote way too much anyway...but if you're curious here it is:

At 22 I moved continents, from England to California.  Back then, pre-internet, it was quite a big move!  Now that I know my Manifesting Blueprint this makes so much sense, I lean very strongly towards Difference and Contrast as opposed to Similarity and Familiarity, so moving to a different country was aligned with my soul and I did create success very rapidly.

I've started at the bottom and worked to the top...more than once. A need for Variety is in my manifesting blueprint.

I quickly became very successful in the corporate world as a manager and director in the travel industry in my twenties.  I became a single mom who always had inventions and creations in my thirties.  I had a compelling drive  to become an entrepreneur, as an artist and creator it was as much a creative endeavor as a pure business venture (remember - it's never all about money).  My strongest character strength is Creativity.

I created a very successful business from scratch.  With virtually no money (only $300 to start) but a ton of imagination and hard work.  I built what started as an artisan jam company into San Diego Honey Company®, the area's premier local honey company and realized my dream of getting my products into the most prestigious shops and many other business milestones.  The way I built my business was through Relationships - which I now know is directly related to one of my 2 Primary Manifesting Centers which are Divine Wisdom and Divine Love.

I always knew that there was something else I was meant to do, the business no longer excited me even though I loved it,  there was less opportunity for creativity and the more it grew the more I was in 'production' mode with less personal interaction with others which was not 'me'.  It was now needed someone whose way of manifesting was through Divine Order and Function and Divine manifestation.  I am also more Process than Outcome oriented in my Manifesting Blueprint.  So, when the process of running the business was more about filling orders than being  creative and interacting with customers I didn't enjoy it anymore, the goal of simply getting bigger and bigger orders (which is what was happening) did not thrill me - it was not aligned with who I am and how I create.  I had created something wonderful and successful that I was very proud of but running it was no longer filling me with joy.  I didn't know how to move forward and so I sold the business to the person who had been  my assistant for a couple of years.  It was a huge accomplishment for a business with such a humble start...but it wasn't the happy story for me that it should have been.  

I felt an unfathomable sadness over the way it happened and other issues around selling my 'baby', (the company, not my actual child!).  I hadn't understood at that time the energy behind everything...why the business no longer felt fulfilling to me, how I hadn't known my value and been in my power in the process and SO much more.    If I'd listened to all of the intuitive hits that I had (or had a great intuitive coach) and, for sure if I'd known my Manifesting Blueprint and had all the tools I do now for tapping into my higher guidance, I would have done many things differently and saved myself a fair bit of heartache.  I'm really happy now that I did sell the business and see that it moved me forward in so many ways but it could have been so much easier and more joyful.

If creating and building the business was my MBA, selling it and understanding everything that came with that was my PhD!  I had to figure it out wasn't easy and cost a lot of time and money but it, in the end, was completely worthwhile.

During my journey after selling my company I expanded upon 20 years of Spiritual and Metaphysical studies:

I became certified as a Spiritual Healer by James Van Praagh, the world famous psychic medium.  This was a glorious healing journey that connected me with my Higher Self and Spirit Guides in deeper ways than I ever thought possible.

I studied Quantum Touch energy healing because I understood that everything has a vibration, everything is energy and I wanted to understand how to have more control over the energy in my life and how to help others with this understanding.

I became a Certified Hypnotherapist because I could see that I had looping thoughts that were preventing me from moving past hurt and regret so I wanted to understand how to manage the mind when it's holding us back from living in joy and fulfillment.  Thoughts and beliefs create the vibrations and emotions that create your life, how you see your life and interact with it.

During my hypnotherapy training I had a profound Life between Lives experience, this was transformational and breathtakingly beautiful as I connected with an Ascended Master.

I later discovered Human Design and as a 'Projector' type it makes sense that I didn't just 'get a fix' like a healing session, hypnosis session etc. I had to learn the systems, how they work and why.  A Projector is also naturally insightful and here to be a Guide.  I am not a Human Design practitioner, you can discover your type online and if you want to go deeper let me know and I'll connect you with someone.

I learned Soul Realignment® which is an Akashic Records modality.  This is the most profound part of my journey - I went on to learn from several esteemed Akashic Records teachers and use the Akashic Tarot.  Working in in the Akashic Records, which any intuitive modality is really doing, is so joyfully satisfying to me - it hits all my manifesting blueprint must haves - the process is never boring and I'm able to guide people to know themselves better, make decisions that feel aligned with their higher self  and feel better about life in general.

I also studied Evidential Mediumship in person with Suzanne Giesemann, not necessarily to be a medium but to expand my connection with higher levels of consciousness.  Occasionally I do 'tune in' though which is always beautiful.

I've developed my own methods of accessing higher wisdom and information. including using a Pendulum which has become an indispensable tool for me.

And I keep learning...

All of this work has opened my eyes so much and helped me understand that because we may not fit into the accepted norm of how to operate in the business world we are not broken, we just need to understand how we work best.

During this journey of discovery something happened that shifted my whole perspective - it's in this space that my greatest understanding of mind and consciousness happened.

An experience that felt like a massive hurt transmuted into the biggest blessing, a breakthrough, a quantum consciousness shift.


I broke open and came to a deeper level of understanding than I ever thought possible.

I got to understand my true value and the true value of every one of us.

I understood  what I am here in this lifetime for.

I understood the unlimited amount of wisdom, love and help that is always there for each of us and, most importantly, how to access it.

Now, on the other side of that chasm, with a greater depth of insight, more finely tuned intuition, an bounty of Spiritual tools and, most importantly, profound purpose and passion to share this understanding...I'm here to help you.

To help you move beyond what you thought possible.

To have unshakable belief in yourself.  

I'm here to help you understand that you are here, in this life right now to give the gift of who you are to the world,

...and it's never too late to create the life your soul desires.