Your Purpose 


Your Potential


Your Power

Your Soul is calling and deep within you know it's too important to ignore. 

You Deserve to Live The Life Your Soul Desires

I'm here to help you understand that you are here, in this life right now to give the gift of who you truly are, your greatness, to the world.


Discover why you're here in this life right now and how you can align your life with your soul's true purpose so you never have to wonder "what's this all about?"


Once you know your true purpose, we'll establish a crystal clear path for you to achieve your full potential so you can experience the joy of a fulfilling life.


In alignment with your true purpose and moving towards your full potential, you'll feel the incredible power that comes from living in your soul aligned reality.

What Rachel's Coaching Clients Say

Rachel... is different...

I have had quite a few coaches, but Rachel ... is different from them all. 

She has the biggest heart one can imagine, and - to me - she is the embodiment of pure unconditional love.

Coaching is not just a job to her, but obviously her true nature and purpose. She takes you by the hand, and -with a smile - accompanies you through your biggest fears, challenges and life decisions. There are no more "shoulds" and "have tos." Only Soul Aligned decisions, that truly bring your heart joy and result in a higher vibration of being you.

Chris B. / Germany

Each week I am raised to a new level of understanding. Rachel's knowledge and information delivery is impressive and just what I was looking for.

Thank you, Rachel!

Therese  California

Thank you, Rachel, you helped so much to bring clarity to my life. I can honestly say I could feel a tangible shift in my energy. From feeling stuck and hopeless, your skills coupled with your inner wisdom helped me to access my own inner wisdom too.

Natasha H.  Supplement Manufacturer  Malibu, California

Rachel just did a distance intuitive business reading for me today and it was completely amazing! I am so grateful for this clarity as I am about to uplevel my business and I have been struggling with making the right decisions. I am so grateful for your help.

Raluca Topor Online Entrepreneur  Romania & California

Let's Get To Know Each Other.

It's important for both of us to know we're a good fit for each other. So let's spend 15 minutes where you can ask me questions and talk about how I can serve you on your journey. I'll also be able to discover more about where you are now and where you've been in your beautiful life. There's no obligation or expectation other than both of us having a chat and deciding if we have a fit. I'd love to meet you on a call.