I now have the confidence to be the person I was once afraid to be.

Brandon Sanchez

A guided meditation session with Rachel is an other worldly experience. Her angelic voice has a way of speaking directly to your soul. The gentle guidance that speaks through her is truly something to be experienced. With her help I have found my purpose, and I now have the confidence to be the person I was once afraid to be.

free Guided chakra meditation

Access and Amplify Your Intuition

Increase and strengthen your intuition with this relaxing but powerful Chakra balancing meditation. You'll connect with higher consciousness, tap into your intuition, increase your awareness, and release powerful insights. 

Guided Chakra Meditation

Truly Transformational Coaching

With Rachel's intuitive guidance she created complete clarity in what I need to do. She brought enormous peace of mind. Thank you, Rachel!

Sasha Brain Health Expert  California

Rachel's coaching is out of this world. Her intuition is spot on. She always sees the bigger picture and her guidance is always so positive and aligns me with my highest potential.

Katie  Bristol, UK

Rachel brought clarity and confirmation to things that have been brewing in the abstract for several years. My mindset has shifted 180 degrees and my confidence has been boosted more than a hundred percent.

T.J.  Business Creator ● Hong Kong


What is a

Aligned Reality®?

A Soul Aligned Reality® is a life that feels natural and true to who you are and what you are here to do.

Have Absolute Clarity

Discover what you're here to create and the gifts you're here to share that will uplift yourself, others, and the world.

Make Confident Choices

Your decisions will amplify your desires and intentions and keep you focused on creating your Aligned Reality®.

Neutralize Limiting Beliefs

You'll uncover and move past the old structures that have kept you from creating your Aligned Reality®.

Live a Life You Love

Discover & Align With Your True Purpose, Potential, & Power™️

Put an end to uncertainty and finally experience the clarity and confidence you're desperately seeking in all areas of your life... without wasting your time chasing countless opportunities that leave you feeling uninspired and unfulfilled.

Transformational Coaching

I love Rachel's presence, her calm sincere demeanor and joy-filled loving approach when discussing challenging topics is refreshing and supported me to ground myself in the awareness of my creative power.

Nicole C. - UK

Rachel Julie Adams

Transformational Coach

Life Transformation Coach

Rachel is an international transformational coach. She uses her natural insight, intuition, empathy, compassion, and creativity to help clients get profound clarity and direction in business and life.

With Rachel's guidance you'll discover what your heart truly desires and what you need to create the structure to bring that desire into manifestation.

As a former corporate director and serial entrepreneur who has created and sold a very successful business, Rachel brings a wealth of experience to help you create your Soul Aligned Reality®.



Your Full Potential

This simple 7-step guide will help you understand and overcome the limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from creating a life you love.