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Pendulum Academy - Season One: February 22 - April 4th 2020

If you are here - celebrate!  You have a unique opportunity that will not happen get to be in the very first group of Pendulum Academy students!   Pendulum Academy is about WAY more than learning to use a Pendulum to get answers - it's about connecting to your SOUL, your Higher Self.   You'll learn how to get much more than simple  yes/no answers and you'll learn to get a deeper understanding of why you are here, how you can bring the gift of YOU into alignment, elevation and expression.

I'm bringing more than 20 years of studies and experience to this course and just the meditation methods that connect you to your Higher Self could have been a stand alone course - but you get to learn how to use a pendulum too, yay!


You are a unique soul here to express your talents into the world - your way.

Do you want to experience the fastest and most satisfying way that you can create success in your life or business?  It's not by using someone else's blueprint for success because that was aligned with their Soul, not yours!   Join me for a 28 Day Transformation Program to discover your Unique Manifesting Blueprint and to unlock limiting beliefs on 3 levels - The Conscious Mind, The Subconscious Mind and The Superconscious Mind.  

When you get clarity around what YOU want to create, what your Soul is calling you to do, AND you understand how YOU manifest best...everything becomes easier, more joyful and more POWERFUL.  Learn to use your uniqueness as your strength. 

What clients say about Rachel's intuitive guidance


 Rachel just did a distance intuitive business reading for me today and it was completely amazing! She was able to give me clarity on my future offerings and pricing. I am so grateful for this clarity as I am about to uplevel my business and I have been struggling with making the right decisions. I am so grateful for your help.

Raluca Topor, Entrepreneur

Romania and California


 The reading Rachel has done for me was phenomenal. With her intuitive guidance she created a complete clarity in what I need to do. The reading brought enormous peace of mind. Thank you Rachel! 

Sasha, Entrepreneur


Confidence boosted more than 100%

Rachel, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Your reading was the catalyst for me launching a project today that I'd been mulling over for quite some time. You brought clarity and confirmation to some things that have been brewing in the abstract for several years, and more specifically as a project in the last month. Today my mindset has shifted 180 degrees and my confidence has been boosted more than a hundred percent. Thank you for your willingness to step into your own power and be the clear channel for the divine guidance that I needed today.

T.J., Business Creator

Hong  Kong

Creating a thriving business requires a unique level of commitment, mental fortitude, and clarity to  know exactly what you want from your business (which is never just money).

You need to make your business work for you.

Learning about who you are at Soul level and how YOU manifest will make sure that your business or career creates the money you want


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